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Chartae Laudes

introductie Omhoog


German school posters Schoolplaten issued between 1900 and 1930 for illustrating the lessons about spices, colonies and tropical products. 

We got a large stock of this kind of lithographs. Size between 88 x 67cm and 92 x 75cm. This is only a selection. Please ask if you look for a special product / plant

Most of them were issued by Leipziger Schulbildverlag von F. E. Wachsmuth. Depicted are copies mounted on board but we also have copies on heavy paper or even some original single paper sheets ( as they came from the printer) . All are lithographical printed = Stone printed with vivid coloring.

Priced between € 90,- and € 200,- depending on rarity , quality and the way of mounting 
Please ask for actual copies present and actual prices

Shipping extra

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Cotton field ( Mississippi ? )  

Coffee Plantation  

Cinnamon; cinnamon bark

Oranges & Lemons

Clove and nutmeg

Cotton field ( More resent issue ( 1950- )

Sisal agave production field


Spices Herbs and tropical products