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Chartae Laudes

introductie Omhoog
Bird-Eye view of NEW YORK













When looking at this chart it takes me back in time.
People from all over the world travelling to New-York. Travelling, but also starting a new life as an immigrant.
Coming from Europe to the land of dreams end hope. The era of sailing ships but also steamships.
Price 2250,-



very decorative lithograph’s depicting NEW YORK as seen from the seafront.

Wonderful item suitable for a museum or visiting-room / directors office from a major Bank or an insurance office.
After framing this would just look so impressive.

Big size. 54.6 INCH x 38.22 INCH  =  ( 4.59 Feet x 3.21 Feet )

Early 1900 issued by Wachsmuth
Part of the series: ???? ( I don't know any other charts made by this company )
Uitgeverij / Publisher / Verlag:  Verlag v. BERNHARD MÜLLER ,, GRAPHIK '' Leipzig C1
Size: 140 x 98 Cm.
Technique Stone printing / lithography
Paper mounted on paper.

On the fold the white paper comes through ( can be restored when framed )
On the right middle a tear was repaired once ( see detailed pictures ) This also can be restored to a higher level.
Some small wrinkles and some small tears due to the use.